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Space Interrupted  – 10/12/13th September 2015 as part of Heritage Open Days.  Opening times – 11-2pm Thursday, 11-3 Saturday and Sunday.
(closed Friday)

Six new commissions at English Heritage site, Fort Brockhurst, Gunners Way, Gosport, Hampshire

Admission Free

Space Interrupted brings together artists and filmmakers who have created new and engaging work responding to and interrupting an English Heritage Fort. The six artists have been drawn to Fort Brockhurst to make site specific installations inspired by its fortifications, history and archives, interrupting and overlapping the space, layering and fragmenting, disrupting function and meaning.  Space Interrupted is a collaboration between curator Clare Sheppeard and artist Sharon Haward. Audiences will be able to explore this rarely opened site experiencing a sense of place through installations, sound and projections.

Patti Gaal-Holmes  is an artist/filmmaker and historian. The Natural History of Destruction is a body of work including a 16mm film installation, video and an artists’ book. It is informed by engagements with the history of Fort Brockhurst, by the idea of memory and amnesia, W.G. Sebald’s On The Natural History of Destruction and T.S. Eliot’s poem ‘The Hollow Men’. Patti is the author of ‘A History of 1970s Experimental Film: Britain’s Decade of Diversity’ (2015).

Sharon Haward uses a range of media to engage with a sensory and narrative sense of place. Improvised Field of Fortification will interrupt the fort, a precarious barricade, fragile point of resistance where past and present collide, overlap and perhaps point to a dystopian and unquiet future. The work draws on the revolutionary turmoil in Europe around 1848, the historically fragile relationship between France and Britain which led to the building of the fort as well contemporary events unfolding across Europe and the Middle East.

Helene Kazan uses research and archival material to generate moving image and multimedia installations. She is currently a phd candidate at Centre of Research Architecture at Goldsmiths. Engineering Shelter Experiment 001 is based on research of an archival image at The Imperial War Museum of a table top home shelter experiment. Helene will re-enact the experiment at the fort and create an installation and sound piece.
Lisa Traxler is interested in conversation, personal memory and environment. Drawn to the human intervention and the passing of time, Lisa will make a number of large scale paperscape installations with fractured images. Last Resort, will use the functions and narratives of each room forming and reforming the narrative of each cell and the confines of their location.

Kye Wilson uses moving image to create films and video installations, site specific works that aim to give the viewer an emotive experience. Kye will be responding to the unique character of the fort, creating a time based video installation, Monocular View. Inspired by the imagined views looking out from the fort (‘field of fire’ defence positions, now overgrown) combined with those looking into the fort (from the perspective of an invading enemy).

Eileen White is a craft based visual artist who has responded to textiles in the reserve collection at Fort Brockhurst, a collection which ‘holds keys to different stories’. Eileen has constructed her own narrative in The Memory of Objects as well as conservation, memory, curation and history. Three other established creative practitioners have respond to her research Stephen Boyce, a poet, Noriko Suzuki-Bosco, a visual artist and Roger Bratchell, a writer recalling their own conscious and unconscious memories.

Clare Sheppeard – Curator has worked with local, national and international artists in a variety of sites including, David Batchelor, Mariele Neudecker, Alice Anderson, Kate McGwire, Emma Crtichley and Rachel Wilberforce. Projects including HOUSE Festival, Brighton, Coastal Currents Festival, Hastings, LIMBO Margate, Venice Biennale, collateral event, Van Abbemuseum and Independents Liverpool Biennial.
Thursday 10th September, 4.30-6.30 discussion & networking event with bluemonkey network at aspex, the Vulcan Buildings, Gunwharf Quay, Portsmouth
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Sunday 13th September at 1.30 for a walk and talk around the exhibition with the artists and curator
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For further information, images or interviews please contact
Clare Sheppeard  – 0798 1632967 or Sharon Haward – 07958 615413
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Space Interrupted is generously supported by Arts Council England and partners English Heritage, Blue Monkey Network and aspex gallery Portsmouth.