talks and tours

all talks and tours are free

Thursday 10 September – Fort Brockhurst


2.00 – TOUR with Blue Monkey Network, who are based at Towner in Eastbourne, curator Clare Sheppeard and the artists. We will explore the Space Interrupted installations and interventions.

4.30 – 6.30 ASPEX, DISCUSSION & NETWORKING event led by Judith Alder from Blue Monkey.

Judith will lead discussions about Space Interrupted and the many aspects of collaborative and partnership working involved in this sort of project. We will talk about the advantages and constraints of working with organisations like English Heritage, the highs and lows of group projects with a number of artists working alongside each other, and the diverse nature of partnerships and relationships such as that between artist and curator. We’ll find out how these interactions can stimulate, empower and facilitate creativity, but we’ll also talk about compromise, relinquishing autonomy and coping with conflict. Can collaboration cramp your style?

These events are free but please book here –

Aspex can be found at The Vulcan Building, Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth PO1 3BF.

Sunday 13 September




Join curator Clare Sheppeard and some of the Space Interrupted artists for a discussion and tour of the artworks at Fort Brockhurst. Meet inside the entrance to the fort.

This tour will take approx 1 hour please wear appropriate clothing and if hot bring water to drink.