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Space Interrupted

Limbo, Substation Project Space, 2 Bilton Square, High Street, Margate, Kent

OPEN  12-4pm                                                                                                                                                                                                        FRI/SAT/SUN       20/21/22 FEB    27/28/1  FEB/MAR    6/7/8 MAR
Space Interrupted, three artists present projected video and installations that span LIMBO’s project space – a former electricity substation – interrupting and overlapping its utilitarian qualities to create an assemblage of real and imagined functions and meanings. 

In the ‘interrupted’ space, a sense of cohesion and literal meaning is disrupted in favour of an unsteady mix of form and function, fixed and shadowy fragments. Space Interrupted is a collaboration between curator Clare Sheppeard and three artists from the South East region. Zoe Fudge, Sharon Haward and Rachel Wilberforce who have been inspired by the town of Margate and specifically its old electricity substation. Drawing on the history of this functional site the work created reflects both it’s utilitarian function as a provider of power to homes and businesses but also to Dreamland and nearby amusement arcades – the realm of fantasy and escape. Audiences will be able to explore the site through artists’ responses to the space, experiencing a sense of place through sculptural installations, projections and light based work. Each work enhances highlights or disrupts the integrity of the building.

As part of Space Interrupted, the artists Sharon Haward and Rachel Wilberforce led ‘point & shoot’ photographic workshops which involved collaborating with Margate museum and local people. The photographic workshops looked at how different buildings, developments, historical moments interrupt the town physically and metaphorically. The tours were open to all abilities using any kind of camera.  A volunteer from the Margate Museum shared some local knowledge as the tour went around. The resulting work is exhibited at various venues around the town.

In Conversation with Mark Waugh – March 8th at 2pm – FREE
Mark Waugh is Head of Research & Innovation at DACS, Producer of The International Curators Forum and Co-Director of arts agency, Waugh Office. He is a board member of The Brighton Photo Biennial and Chair of Spacex in Exeter. He was, until recently, the Associate Director Of SUUM; organising a number of projects, most notably The Samsung Art+ Prize, together with emerging art fairs such as G-Seoul 13 and Art Gwangju.

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